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Un fond coloré

Our desire to innovate 

When Estelle Favier discovers Blockchain technology, her desire to innovate becomes even greater, and with

Hélène Piel-Laureti, she decides to develop a new branch of MonacoVisions: TechyGirls.

TechyGirls shares the values of the MonacoVisions association, while taking into account current artistic and technological factors, those linked to web3 and one of its underlyings, NFTs.

The mission of TechyGirls is to support women with high potential and young girls in the web3, so that they bring their values and develop their own virtual spaces.

Leaf Pattern Design
MONACOVISIONS le nom de l'association

is an association under Monegasque law founded in 2015 by Estelle Favier, its President and Roger Durand, its Treasurer. Its goal is to develop digital art, particularly video and photographic art.


2 bis Prom. Honoré II, 98000 Monaco

Our Journey




October 20, 2021


July 1, 2022


January 18, 2023

March 8, 2023

Creation of the MonacoVisions association which aims to develop video and photographic art.

Public screenings of our creations

Creation of MonacoVisions website and CRM

MonacoVisions gala evening during which the association's orientation towards Web 3 is officially announced

MonacoVisions creates TechyGirls

Beginning of the cycle of conferences on the Web3

Development of TechyGirls 

TechyGirls Launch Party

Presentation of the NFT TechyGirls and intervention of two Web3 actresses

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