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What is an NFT, A Non Fungible Token?

We are in an extremely interesting period for digital artists, like the Renaissance!

Artists are visionaries, precursors, they are the first to understand the paradigm shifts with which the 21st century will soon confront us all:   the multiple becomes unique, the work traceable, copy-paste is no longer a problem.

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Because NFTs are designed to give you something that cannot be copied: ownership of a physical or digital asset. 
Just think that anyone can buy a Picasso print, but only one person can own the original work. 
Thanks to NFTs, this happens for a digital work: everyone can post it on their networks by copying it ad infinitum, but only the owner of the NFT linked to it can resell it! This is the big upheaval! 

Our NFT TechyGirls preview on March 8 accompanied by Caroline Hervé's connected dress, to music by Frédéric Marcel.

Soon, no one will buy a digital work, but also a physical work without its NFT.


It is indeed a certificate of ownership in addition, and if it is, as is the case with all the works of the TechyGirls, accompanied by a smart contract in which is the official certificate of an auctioneer , which authenticates the work, then the security is total.


The certificate of authenticity will be permanently linked to the work of art and each time there is a change of ownership, for example, this will be recorded in the Smart contract.

Because thanks to NFTs, the work has a history that can be consulted by everyone, this provides another advantage for artists, and not the least: that of seeing the resale rights, which apply so rarely, finally happen._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Artists can ask each resale of their works to receive royalties, and this in a sustainable way, just link a smart contract to the NFT in which this option is programmed.

The NFT makes it possible to make a digital work unique and rare. The NFT can offer rights to holders, thanks to services with variable geometry, such as, for example, visits to workshops, invitations to previews or auctions in preview.


It is the whole relationship between the artist and his clients that is evolving, as well as that between the artist and finance, since having become liquid thanks to the NFT, digital art can become highly speculative and be more than one work a financial product. 

Discover our NFTs

Welcome to the TechyGirls NFT collection!

We are delighted to present the first avatars of our collection.   This consists of creating a series of unique NFTs that members of our community can collect and trade, NFTs that will open the doors to digital creation and an exclusive club, that of TechyGirls.

We create original designs that reflect the female diversity of our community. Each of our NFTs is a work of art in its own right,  authenticated by an auctioneer who issues a certificate to buyers. 


Our first NFTs were minted on Opensea, they belong to the PAP (Ready to Wear) and PE (Spring Summer) 2023 collection.

To start unique images of avatars extracted from the series 

"We are all Satoshis",  "AfroFutur" and "MetaGirls"


Discover our NFT of the week!

Discover our MonacoVisions NFTs

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